February 2021

Day 47

Grande Finale!

Finished the final project and wrote a description for it.

Wrap-up lunch!

Day 46

Kept on developing the final project!

Day 45

  • Finished the final report
  • Started constructing my grande finale project – Fantasy Land

Day 44

Have been working on the final report!

Day 43

Goals of the day:

  1. Modify Julie’s world √
  2. Give feedback to Estella’s world + Write descriptions √
  3. Standardize all teacher world descriptions √
  4. Write a paragraph in place of a lesson plan for – Leonard, Norma, Wole, Rhonda √
  5. Close all teacher requests via email √
  6. Lay out the structure of final report


Week 9

Day 38-40: MIT App Inventor Workshop!

*Really interesting lunch talk about using vectors to simulate projects

*Spoke with person in charge of Oxford exchange program! Thrilled to study CS there!

Day 41:

  • Transcribed two interviews with former Alice participants
  • Fine-tuning the collision check tutorial

To-do list:

  1. Modify Julie’s world
  2. Write a paragraph describing the worlds of teachers without lesson plans (Julie, Leonard, Norma, Wole)
  3. Estella’s final world stats
  4. Final report (by Wed.)
  5. Read Kristen’s paper (by Mon.)
  6. Further review Grundman’s world
  7. Finalize tutorial PPT (after Nat reviews it)

Day 42:

  • Goals:
    • Collect Estella’s final world stats √
    • Read Kristen’s paper √
    • Further review Jeanne’s world √
    • Start composing the final report √

Day 37

Completed the collision detection tutorial!, which introduces the event listener feature and also the step by step manual setting of threshold distance, if one so wishes.

Day 36

Goals of the day:

  • Update form of teacher LP submissions
  • Complete Ghost fire project collision detection tutorial
  • Read a paper
  • Further develop KM project


  • Proofread the pre/post test results summary
  • Half finished the Ghost fire project
  • Further developed KM project

Day 35

Worked as planned:

  • Completed about half of my new project on author (Katherine Mansfield) chronology
  • Lunch talk (algorithms)
  • Updating teacher lesson plan responses

Day 34


  • Improved Amy’s pizza lasagna world
  • Emailed everyone
  • Developing project ideas