23 Million Railway Job Applicants in India More than Canada and Poland Combined Population!

The unemployment rate is growing consistently in India. Covid-19 lockdowns have caused a rapid increase in the country’s unemployment rate. People lost their private jobs and now they are all set to try their luck in government vacancies. 

The Indian Railway has recently announced that 2.4 Crore applicants will compete for 1.2 Lac job vacancies. The Ministry of Railway has announced that there are 64,371 vacant posts for the Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) positions and technicians. Another announcement revealed that 63,202 vacancies are available for Level-1 jobs. These are lucrative vacancies! That’s why the crores of well-qualified individuals have applied. 

The competition is pretty tough this time!

As per available data, about 48 candidates will fight for only 64,371 ALP and technician posts. Over 74 people will compete against one another to get that 1 seat! That’s how tough the competition is. Besides, 1.9 Crore people will compete against one another for only 63,202 Level-I posts. You will compete against 300 other applicants if you are applying for this job. 

Get your RRB Group D Admit Card now if you have not downloaded it. Stay prepared for the competition because it will be the biggest achievement of your career if you qualify for this exam. The railway ministry will conduct the exam in 33 shifts. It means these tests will be conducted for 11 days. 

There are 440 test centers across the country. Applicants will visit these centers for Computer Based Test for the technician and ALP posts. The CBT for Group D will be conducted in 152 shifts. It takes about 51 days to conduct the exams. 

Every Indian once dream about working for the railway. Only a few hard-working people get the opportunity to work and they work hard to make their dream a reality. You should also spend most of your time in preparation if you want to work for the Indian Railways. 

Is only RRB conducting exams for vacant posts?

Over 23 million people applicants have applied for the 1.2 Lac vacant posts in the railways. It shows that millions of Indian graduates want to work for the government. Not all 23 million people have been preparing for railway jobs since the beginning. However, well-qualified Indians always wish to try their luck in different fields. Thus, they learn how tough the exam can get if not prepared perfectly. 

The RRB is going to conduct the test for RRB NTPC during the first week of December. You should download RRB NTPC Admit Card if you haven’t got it yet. Get the admit card, check the examination center, do some research on how to reach there, and complete your preparation. 

There are so many candidates fighting for very little vacant posts. The examiner will keep this fact in mind. The question papers can get tougher and tougher with each shift. Therefore, only the best candidates will qualify for the exam and get recruited as ALP, Technician, and railway’s Group-D employees. Continue your preparations if you want to be one of those qualified applicants.

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