StrikeStage, 2021 Collaborative performances by Kate Alexandrite, Kelsey Brod and Brittany Green,

StrikeStage was a performance collaboration between Brittany Green, Kelsey Brod and Kate Alexandrite in the Summer and Fall of 2021, in collaboration with Thomas DeFrantz’s Slippage Lab at Duke University. The description of the project has taken many forms, and the subject of the collaboration was as much focused on the practice as material. In describing it for the Fall 2022 Visualizing Care Workshop, Alexandrite wrote. ” StrikeStage is…centered around rehearsal as the improvisatory space of performance itself. In contrast to the frequently present tech failures or successes that are conceptually partitioned out of what we describe as the performance (that which starts once the tech functions as expected), these performances, often over zoom and in mixed tech environments, have been a way of retrieving the visibility of the setting up, the expectations or assumptions around tech and the heightened participation and conversation about what is and is not performed in the space of the setup of rehearsal (including beginning with obtaining accessibility to the space.) How can we practice rehearsing the conditions necessary for the improvisation of togetherness?

The video piece was made up of footage from various rehearsals and collaboratively edited and scored.