Global Experience

  1. Global Experience 1: FHTH Guatemala Trip
    • Description: During the summer of 2022, I will be co-leading a trip to Guatemala on behalf of Duke’s chapter of From Houses to Homes (FHTH), a nonprofit organization that fights poverty in Guatemala through sustainable housing, healthcare, and education. Students from the club will directly serve From Houses to Homes in Antigua, Guatemala by physically building homes, volunteering in the medical clinic, tutoring children at the Kemna’oj school, as well as working on sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives in collaboration with the local community. Depending on the number of members attending the trip, the trip will function on a rotation system with different groups spending 1-2 weeks on each of the 4 facets, for an estimated trip length of 8 weeks. 
    • Relation to GC Focus: This experience will broaden my understanding of international healthcare systems, global development, and social entrepreneurship. I hope that having meaningful interactions with diverse populations in Guatemala will solidify my commitment to “Engineering Better Medicines” for those in the developing world. The homebuilding and clinical aspects of the trip also provide an ideal avenue for me to explore my interests at the intersection of engineering and medicine. I strongly believe that this experience will be formative in developing an understanding of how to meaningfully engage with cultures abroad. 
    • [PICTURE]
    • Supervisor Name: Judith Baker
    • Projected Start Date: 06/2022
    • Projected End Date: 07/2022
    • Total Hours (Estimated): 400