Teaching Experience and Awards

I offer a wide range of courses I am available to teach, including:

Program Evaluation with Machine Learning Methods (graduate). I have developed a prospective syllabus for this course at the advanced Masters level, available here;

Energy Economics (undergraduate, graduate);

Environmental Economics (undergraduate, graduate);

Resource Economics and Dynamics (graduate);

Environmental Policy (undergraduate). I have developed a classroom Excel-based model for wind siting, available here, to teach trade-offs in renewable decisions to undergraduates;

Fishery Economics and Policy (undergraduate, graduate).

Teaching Experience

By graduation, I expect to receive the Duke Certificate in College Teaching (CCT).


ENV710 – Applied Data Analysis: 3.3/5.0 (Graduate, Fall 2016, Duke University)

3-unit, core professional master’s course in applied statistics with lecture and lab. 70 students.


PubPol 800K – Statistics Bootcamp (graduate), Duke Kunshan University

Summer math camp for professional master’s students at Duke Kunshan University – Shanghai, China. 15 students.

Teaching Assistantships (all at Duke University)

ENV850: Program Evaluation: 3.9/5.0 (Graduate Professional, Spring 2017)

ENV520: Environmental Economics: 4.5/5.0 (Graduate Professional, Fall I 2015)

ENV521: Resource Economics: 4.5/5.0 (Graduate Professional, Fall II 2015)

EOS201: Environmental Science and Policy (Undergraduate, Spring 2016)

LAW235: Environmental Law (Fall 2011)

LAW635: Climate Change and the Law (Spring 2011)

Teaching Awards

2018-2019 Ottis Green Teaching Fellowship

  • The Ottis Green Fellowship is a full tuition and stipend fellowship awarded to 3-4 Duke graduate students who display a passion and potential for college teaching. The fellowship frees the recipient from teaching requirements for the fifth year, allowing them to focus on research and dissertation in anticipation of an academic placement.