Stratagem, Duke University’s undergraduate journal of grand strategy, is taking submissions for its Spring 2018 edition. As this will be our inaugural issue, we are seeking pieces of exceptional quality to set the standard for future publications. Grand strategy is an increasingly popular and important area of study, and we believe Stratagem will become a prime means for students of grand strategy to exchange ideas across disciplines and universities.

We define ‘grand strategy’ using Hal Brands’ definition: “Grand strategy is the intellectual architecture that lends structure to foreign policy; it is the logic that helps states navigate a complex and dangerous world.” We recognize that grand strategy is inherently interdisciplinary, and seek submissions from a variety of fields. Papers prepared in the disciplines of history, international relations, political science, political psychology, public policy, economics, leadership studies, regional studies, theology and religious studies, and literature are all welcome, as well as submissions from any other discipline you can confidently relate to grand strategy.

We welcome pieces related to American foreign policy, and the foreign policies of other great powers, but we think it is equally important to emphasize that small states and even non-state actors, such as terrorist networks and revolutionary movements, can have grand strategies as well.


Types of Submissions

We intend to publish three types of pieces, all centering around topics of grand strategy.

  1. Scholarship: papers or articles 3000-7000 words in length. We encourage submitting theses, independent studies, or term papers. We highly value original research and will give it priority for publication. If you cannot provide original research, we also accept compelling and original syntheses, critiques, or interpretations of existing scholarship.
  2. Thoughts: commentary 750-1500 words in length. We strongly recommend that these take the form of a focused, specific op-ed. For example, you could highlight a development in the news and explain its significance through the lens of grand strategy, or you could examine one aspect of a state’s grand strategy. One such example is Stephen M. Walt’s “Who’s Afraid of a Balance of Power?”, which analyzes one aspect of American grand strategy.
  3. Book reviews: 1000-2000 words in length. These articles are intended to review and examine recent or classic books, such as Graham Allison’s Destined for War or Dean Acheson’s Present at the Creation, that relate to grand strategic questions.


Submission Instructions

Upload your submission for the Spring 2018 edition here.
Submissions will be anonymized but the information requested in the form will be necessary for later reference.


Formatting Requirements

Please use Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced Word documents.
We ask that you use Chicago-style citations for footnotes and the bibliography.
Please also include an abstract of 150-250 words at the top of your submission.
LABEL YOUR docx FILES ACCORDINGLY: Surname_scholarship/thought/book_Sp2018.



The submission deadline for Stratagem’ s Spring 2018 edition has been extended!

  • Scholarship pieces are now due by 3/1/18.
  • Thoughts pieces are now due by 3/18/18.
  • Book Review pieces are now due by 3/18/18.