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Opportunity to Support Our Troops!

A sister organization, co-founded by Milites Christi current co-resident Logan Mehl-Laituri, called Centurion’s Guild, is having a “crowd-funding” campaign through Helpers Unite. The Guild provided much of the theological and pastoral backdrop that made Milites Christi possible, and we encourage you to support Centurion’s Guild with your time and money if at all possible.


It ain’t over yet!

Well, the weekend went beautifully, and we cannot thank our supporters enough! The sessions, plenaries, and Keynote all went swimmingly, and we are working on publishing them on iTunesU by the end of the week. If you want to get advance warning of their pending publication, make sure you get in touch with us and […]

Martin of Tours; Soldier, Bishop, Saint


Readings for Nov. 11 Morning Prayer, St. Martin’s feast day: Isaiah 58:6-12 Psalm 34:15-22 Matthew 25:34-40

Today’s readings remind us of Martin of Tours, who was born in 316, was acclaimed Bishop of Tours on July 4th, 370, and ministered there until his death on November 11th, 396. Before the United States memorialized […]

Pressing Question #3

VIDEO: North Carolina Now

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Pressing Question #2

Meet our Presenters – Logan-Mehl-Laituri

Logan Mehl-Laituri is co-president of Milites Christi, a founding member of Centurion’s Guild and a 2nd year MTS student at Duke Divinity School, where he is focusing on the role of conscience in Christian faith and national service. He was deployed with an infantry platoon to Iraq in 2004 before being reluctantly discharged from the […]

Pressing Question #1

VIDEO: Interview with Jo Bailey Wells

Duke Divinity School Women’s Center Open for Conversation

The Duke Divinity School Women’s Center will be open throughout Saturday to facilitate casual conversation and provide space for female veterans and wives of veterans to share their stories. Given that servicewomen and women veterans experience traumas that men may not, we’re hoping to provide a safe space for women to discuss their experiences […]