Prof. John Betz

University of Notre Dame

Associate Professor; Systematic Theology

B.A. Wake Forest University, 1991

Ph.D. University of Virginia, 1999

Prof. Betz specializes in systematic and philosophical theology, with a particular interest in German philosophy and theology from the eighteenth century to the present.  Within this period he has been concerned chiefly with two figures:  the eighteenth-century Lutheran author, Johann Georg Hamann, and the twentieth-century Jesuit theologian Erich Przywara.

His recent publications include After Enlightenment: The Post-Secular Vision of J. G. Hamann (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2008); “Metaphysics and Theology: An Introduction to Erich Przywara’s Analogia Entis,” in Analogia Entis: Metaphysics by Erich Przywara, pp. 1-115 (Cambridge: Eerdmans 2014), and “Erich Przywara and Karl Barth:  On the Analogia Entis as a Formal Principle of Catholic Theology,” in The Analogy of Being: Invention of the Anti-Christ or the Wisdom of God, ed. Thomas Joseph White, O.P., pp. 35-87 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 2010).


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