Prof. John Betz:

“The analogia entis as a Catholic panacea? Erich Przywara’s interventions in the philosophy and theology of the 1920s”

Prof. Philip Buckley:

“Phenomenology as Soteriology: Husserl and the Call for ‘Erneuerung in the 1920’s”

Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr:

“Gnostic Anxities. Jewish Intellectuals and Weimar Neo-Marcionism”

Prof. Cyril O’Regan:

“Balthasar and the Eclipse of Nietzsche”

Prof. Thomas Pfau:

“’Noch ist uns das Dasein verzaubert’: Disambiguating Rilke and Heidegger”

Prof. Judith Wolfe:

“Eschatological Thought in Interwar Philosophy

Prof. Holger Zaborowski

“Liturgy, Antagonism, and Freedom.  Guardini’s Phenomenology of Religion”

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