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photo asylumVoix Francophones

FR325S or GLHLTH 325S


FALL 2015

MW 3: 05-4:20

This course examines current discourse around refugees and asylum seekers in Western host societies, with a particular focus on Francophone refugees in North America. As we examine global migration through political, historical and literary lenses, our goals are to :

  • articulate an understanding of the complex interplay of individual and collective processes related to refugee and community populations in host and home societies
  • appreciate the ways in which particular narratives of refugee experience can both extend and/or diminish trauma
  • critically analyze the histories of narrative and testimony and their implications for recording refugee experience
  • demonstrate intercultural communicative competencies that include empathy, flexibility, and tolerance for other cultures
  • communicate in oral and written French in ways that are both effective and appropriate for our audiences

This course has a service-learning component that engages students with the Francophone refugee community in Durham. Students will be required to complete 20 hours of service over the course of the semester, in a variety of settings that range from ESL tutoring to cultural activities aimed to introducing new arrivals to the Duke and Durham community.

Questions? Please contact Professor Reisinger at debsreis@duke.edu