GWHS 2016 Commencement

You CAN achieve what your heart has conceived.

You CAN achieve what your heart has conceived.

Thank You George Washington High School

Thank you to the administration, faculty, staff, and graduating class of George Washington High School. It was a great honor to come back home on the 20th anniversary of my graduation to share this day with you and your loved ones. I pray that my words were inspirational and that the lessons of my life will be of great service to each of you.

I look forward to serving you and our community of Danville VA in the near future.



The 5 Keys to Success


Guiding Question: Can you see it? Can you see the goal to which you aspire to achieve?


Guiding Question: Can you develop a plan to get you from where you are to where you desire to be?

Work Ethic

Guiding Question: Are you willing to work that plan?


Guiding Question: Will you be mentally defeated when challenges arrive?


Success requires you to develop and maintain faith in three areas:

  1. faith in God
  2. faith in people
  3. faith in yourself.


Relive the Moment

I’m not sure how long the school system will keep the graduation video up on their Youtube page, so I’ve included a link to an alternative copy if you would like to revisit this moment in time.


Adrian Coles, PhD