Metabolomics for Precision Medicine – Satellite 2019

Metabolomics Enabling Tools for Large Studies and Biobank Initiatives
A Precision Medicine Approach – Metabolomics 2019

A Satellite Symposium by Metabolomics Society Precision Medicine Task Group
Sunday 7:30 am-12:15 pm Sunday June 23rd, Marriott Hotel – The Hague Marriott Hotel

RSVP: Metabolomics for Precision Medicine (Satellite 2019)
Rima Kaddurah Daouk, Duke University Medical Center
Closed Meeting – Limited number of participants

Scientific Background and Rational:

The Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics Task Group of the Metabolomics Society has a mission to actively engage the metabolomics community in large and global initiatives that can enable a precision medicine approach to study human diseases and their treatment. At the center of metabolomics is the concept that a person’s metabolic state provides a close representation of that individual’s overall health status. This metabolic state reflects what has been encoded by the genome, and modified by diet, environmental factors, the gut microbiome and other external influences. The metabolic profile provides a unique way to identify and quantify an individual’s biochemical state. It also allows one to easily distinguish deviations from normal physiology and to identify diverse pathophysiologies in a manner that is often not obvious from gene expression analyses. In this regard, metabolomics can play a key role in large biobank studies to inform about disease, disease heterogeneity and variation in response to treatment.

In this Satellite meeting, we will highlight enabling tools for large metabolomics studies that involve biobanks and community studies covering topics such as: 1) the readiness and scalability of metabolomics technologies; 2) sample collection, storage and integrity; 3) metadata needed to inform biochemical data (including patient protection and privacy issues); 4) national resources that capture effects of diet and environmental exposures on the metabolome; 5) enabling tools to study the gut microbiome influences on human metabolome; 6) computational medicine and big data integration. We hope that our proposed satellite meeting will follow up on and inform another satellite meeting “Building International Collaborations in Metabolomics: A Joint Meeting with BBMRI-NL” an event planned for June 22nd. While the BBMRI Metabolomics Consortium and the COMETS consortium plan to share general knowledge about their respective initiatives with hope of creation of global collaborations among biobank initiatives our proposed metabolomics workshop will provide a perspective on enabling tools for large metabolomics studies including profiling of biobank samples. Together these two meetings can help position metabolomics for more significant impact in the medical field. In particular it will strengthen the interactions between metabolomics, epidemiology and the clinical communities.

Our proposed workshop will aim to achieve the following: 1. Highlight key developments in the field that enable community studies and biobanks to add metabolomics data to large cohorts. 2. Share community initiatives and resources built that capture effects of diet, exposome and gut microbiome on human metabolome 3. Address issues related to omics data integration and steps that enable a precision medicine approach 4. Create collaborative initiatives that engages metabolomics, clinical, informatics and epidemiology communities to enable large studies that can impact human health. 5. Enable outreach and increased visibility for our Metabolomics Society within the medical communities.

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