The End But Not Really The End

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend eight weeks conducting research in the Bejsovec Lab. In addition to this research, I had opportunities both explore Durham and learn from faculty as they shared their research journeys with us. Beyond learning about these journeys, BSURF allowed me to think deeply and critically about how I want to spend my remaining years at Duke and the type of person who I wish to become by the end of my undergraduate career.

I believe my summer experience influenced my perceptions about research in a positive way. Before this summer experience, I never had a clear idea of what the life of a researcher looks like, how slow science could be, but at the same time how rewarding failures and successes can be. I believe among the many experiences I’ve had these past eight weeks, the people that I’ve met and the memories created are the best parts of this summer in addition to learning how to conduct research and how to communicate science.

This summer has allowed me to become more certain of the career I would like to pursue in addition to showing me the multitude of routes that I can take to achieve my ultimate end goal. Furthermore, the advice given to us throughout the past eight weeks has not only made me wiser, but certain that the end of BSURF isn’t truly an end.

I would like to thank BSURF and the Bejsovec Lab for providing me an amazing opportunity to learn and observe science, as well as my fellow BSURF-ers for an amazing summer experience.

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