Sample Assignment Week 14


Wednesday April 20:
Disney fairy tales. Read Brier Rose (50) in your Grimm book.
Further sleeping beauty versions:
Watch Maleficent (2014):

Blog posting: post your own guiding questions for this session! What do we need to focus on after reading/watching a series of Sleeping Beauty stories? What questions would you pose to a group of students so that they look at the right themes, identify the major issues of interest in this series of story transformations? What do you think we should be discussing?

Friday April 22:
Student presentations. (Note: Student presentations continue on April 27.)
Group project due (connected to presentations).

Group Project description (for April 22):

You are a team of producers in Hollywood working on various film projects. Over the last decade, there have been several new fairy tale movies, some animated, some not. Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent, Tangled, Cinderella, Frozen. Many of them have been phenomenally successful.

Now it is time to launch yet another fairy tale movie, for 2017. But a new concept is needed. And your group has been asked to think up an idea for an entirely new fairy tale movie.

Form groups of around 5 students (there should be roughly 8 groups), create a new fairy tale movie concept, and be prepared to present it in a persuasive fashion both orally and in writing.

Assessment items:

  • Hold a collective in-class presentation of your movie concept, with a slide show, simple trailer, poster or some other compelling material.
    Note on length: There will be roughly 8 groups who will be giving presentations on two separate days (so about 4 presentations per session). To make sure every group has a chance to present and make room for technical difficulties etc., prepare to speak for no longer than 10 minutes – 10 minutes is the absolute maximum (and you may need much less time to persuade your audience).

Presentation days: Friday April 22 and Wednesday April 27.

  • Write, as a group, a 5-page memo on the movie concept. This memo can (but does not have to) include market research of some kind that points to the likely success of your concept, a plot summary of the future movie, descriptions of sample scenes or dialogue, visual sketches for a promotion campaign or any other material that you deem useful.
    Due date for memo: Friday April 22.