Capstone for the Energy and Environment Certificate
Bass Connections in Energy: Design and Innovation


Team projects may be viewed using the links to years above.  During each year-long project, the student teams work with faculty to identify, design and prototype a new energy technology, system, or approach to address a current issue in the energy-environment sphere. Teams address the trade-offs among design choices, environmental and social impacts, economic viability and other issues related to use. While some teams produced a physical prototype, others developed virtual prototypes, or conducted data analyses or computer simulations, leading to recommendations for implementation or use.

These projects satisfy the Capstone Project Course requirement for undergraduates pursuing the Energy and Environment Certificate, and, in addition, welcome graduate and undergraduate students selected through the Bass Connections in Energy: Design and Innovation Team.

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Bass Connections in Energy

Undergraduate Certificate in Energy and Environment:

For Trinity Students:    Emily Klein, Nicholas School of the Environment – Earth & Ocean Sciences;

For Pratt Students:     Josiah Knight, Pratt School of Engineering- Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science;