ACM Distinguished Speaker Series: Peter A. Freeman

ACM Distinguished Speaker Series: Peter A. Freeman

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Join ACM on November 10th for a talk on the Origins of GENI presented by Peter A. Freeman. The event will take place in LSRC D106 and will begin at 6pm. Free pizza and soft drinks will be served. Please see below for more details on Peter Freeman and GENI.

The Origins of GENI: A Story of Sustained Research Community Engagement

Peter A. Freeman

How best to get computers to communicate with each other has continued to engage some of the best minds in computing research since the late 1950s. As the technology developed through the succeeding decades, largely by the efforts of a strong community of researchers, the Internet emerged in the mid-1990s. As the Internet rapidly became commercialized it was no longer a wonderful, experimental platform for research.  This created the environment in which the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Project emerged. My talk will outline this history and discuss the current status, possible future directions of the Project, and ways in which you can participate.

Peter A. Freeman is Emeritus Dean and Professor at Georgia Tech where he was Founding Dean of the College of Computing in 1990.  He was Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation, heading the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate, from 2002-2007. While at NSF, he directed the initiation and early development stages of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Project. He currently engages in a variety of pro bono writing and speaking activities, serves on a number of advisory boards, and provides strategic and operational guidance for organizations involved in research, education, and development. He lives in Washington, DC.