Sites@Duke Express is managed by a team of staff with representation from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Duke Learning Innovation. OIT’s Duke Web Services is the service owner.

Information and feedback in support of the governance process is gathered in several ways:

Timeline for changes to Sites Express

Feedback from the governance process is used to make adjustments and improvements in the overall Sites Express service. We make changes to Sites Express every Thursday, including updating core, themes, and plugins, and performing domain mapping.

Review of Sites Express feature suggestions

Have a Sites Express feature request? Let us know by completing the Feature Request Form. The Sites Express team reviews feature requests on a rolling basis to assess compatibility with system and security requirements. Requestors will be notified of a decision within 2-4 weeks and, in the case of approved requests, will be provided a timeline for implementation. Timelines will be based on the complexity of the feature request and the upcoming maintenance schedule.

Additionally, existing features are actively reviewed by the Sites Express team, and those that are no longer being used or supported will be retired.

Criteria for feature suggestions

Feature suggestions are reviewed for fit within the following criteria.

  • Technical fit, security, and stability – including active support by creators, compatibility with the current version of WordPress, and multisite compatibility
  • Ability to be used by individual site owners without providing back-end or SFTP access
  • Provides unique functionality not already available through existing tools
  • Benefit to the overall Sites Express user community
  • Ability to make the feature available to all Sites Express users at no cost (note: premium or paid themes and plugins are not compatible with Sites Express)