Fifteen Days in Venice

Introduction of This Site

This project includes a WordPress website as a basic platform with an Omeka exhibit and a Neatline exhibit. Because of…

The WordCloud of Pietro Casola’s Account

Netline Component

Considering Anne Kelly Knowles’s writing about how GIS influences the research of scholars, I did a preliminary research about my…

Digital Mapping of Pietro Casola’s Pilgrimage in Venice

Upon finishing the spreadsheet, I converted it into a csv. file and imported it into Omeka. I tagged the items…

Resource on Architecture in Venice

The Churches of Venice Also my previous assignment on Cristoforo Sabbadino’s map of Venice

Resource on Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage in Venice as a general category of historical analysis has been addressed by Deborah Howard from her 1981 general…

The Fifteen Days in Venice

Here is the collection about the fifteen days spent by Pietro Casola in Venice

About Pietro Casola

Pietro Casola is known as a catholic pilgrim who traveled to the Holy Land in fifteenth century. Most of his…

Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Pilgrims in Venice

The writings from pilgrims about Venice in 15th and 16th centuries are plenty. I categorized them according to the accessibility….

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