Step 1

Take control of your privacy.

You leave an information trail when you post on social media, visit a website, or use an app on your phone. It is sometimes possible for bad actors to purchase or steal this information and learn about your habits, what you like and dislike, and even where you go throughout the day.

Try to limit the information you share with third parties by reviewing and adjusting the privacy settings on the devices and apps you use. If you do not want your social media apps selling your location information, for example, you may have to toggle a switch within the app or in your mobile device settings to restrict the sharing of this data.

Many phone applications have access to your whereabouts. To determine what apps may have your location check out the following links:

For iPhone click here

For Android click here

Why does this matter?

  • Are you comfortable with having potentially 20+ different services knowing and tracking your whereabouts?  
  • Anyone from a potential employer, to a real life criminal can learn a lot about you, without you knowing. Oversharing without restricting your privacy can  potentially put your job and safety into jeopardy.
  • Allowing personal information to be public can make it easier for hackers to potentially guess your passwords. Something as seemingly harmless as a public photo of your dog with a visible tag, could lead to someone guessing your password.


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