Step 4

Be WiFi Wise.

When you connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi network that is not secure, cybercriminals may access the files stored on your computer or mobile device, track the websites you are visiting, and even copy your login information and passwords. Protect your information by requiring a password to log into your home Wi-Fi network.

Be cautious when connecting to new Wi-Fi networks outside your home. Avoid using free, unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, and only use trusted networks that are password-protected. Disable the automatic Wi-Fi connection feature on all of your devices so that they do not connect to new, unsafe networks without your knowledge.

For greater protection outside your home, consider connecting to avirtual private network, or VPN. These services mask your identity and protect your data from bad actors. It is usually best to choose a VPN that charges a monthly or annual fee, as free options are generally less secure.


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