Welcome to the Yellen group website. Our research interests sit at the intersection of electricity and magnetism, colloid and surface science, non-linear dynamics, vibrations, and controls, and materials science, with five central areas of focus:

  1. Magnetic field directed assembly of colloidal superstructure
  2. Non-linear dynamics and synchronization phenomena
  3. Biomedical applications of magnetic manipulation (single cell analysis)
  4. Electric field manipulation of ionic fluids
  5. Vibration control in tunable magnetic lattices

At its core, these five broad areas of research are united in the common theme of developing novel techniques for controlling large degree of freedom systems of mobile components ranging from the nanoscale (nanoparticles) to the macroscale (centimeter sized permanent magnets) with a minimum number of control parameters.  A second, but also important, goal has been to apply the self-assembly and magnetic control principles to the construction and operation of novel devices and integrated systems spanning the fields of biomedical sensing, particle sorting and separation, tissue engineering, mechanical force sensors, and vibration control.  Key approaches and tools used in my research include 1) optical video microscopy and particle tracking algorithms, 2) confocal microscopy, 3) microfabrication and lithographic techniques, 4) scanning probe microscope techniques, 5) magnetic field control apparatus and systems, and 6) molecular recognition modalities.

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES. We are actively seeking talented graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in honing their experimental and theoretical skills to develop new applications.  In particular, we are looking for candidates who are interested in developing automated systems for building and studying large arrays of single cells.  For more details, please email yellen@duke.edu.

Benjamin Yellen
Associate Professor
Duke University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Box 90300 Hudson Hall
Durham, NC 27708, USA

email: yellen@ duke.edu
phone: (919)660-8261
office: CIEMAS 3389