West Union Project Overview

West Union CornerstoneWest Union will serve as the anchor to a neighborhood of student life that includes the new Penn Pavilion, as well as the newly renovated Bryan Center and Plaza. Together, the collection of indoor and outdoor spaces will provide students and the entire Duke community a vibrant collection of spaces capable of meeting many needs.

The cornerstone of the West Union Building was placed in 1928. Since that time, the university has literally grown up around this beautiful structure. Once the center of student activity, the role it has played in student life has changed as the university has grown.

UnionThe current renovation of the West Union Building, made possible through a a generous gift from The Duke Endowment, will restore the facility to prominence as Duke’s student living room, premier dining facility and lively center of student engagement and activity.

When completed, the West Union will feature one of the finest, state-of-the-art dining facilities in the country, capable of effectively serving 6,000 meals per day to students, faculty, staff and guests, with particular focus on enhancing the undergraduate community experience. The building will also address many other student needs through both the creative use of spaces for individuals, student clubs and organization to meet with one another, creating a lively beehive of student life throughout what will be an extraordinary space.

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