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Spiritual Formation

Wesley is committed to providing frameworks and structures through which students’ spiritual lives can be nurtured and formed through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Through a manifold of small groups each semester, including Men’s, Women’s, Freshmen and Senior Small Group and Wesley Prayer, students gather to grow together in spaces of accountability and vulnerability. This semester’s retreat (Feb. 17th-19th) is on Grace, looking at the many ways at which God’s grace is manifest in our lives and ways that we can show grace to others. Contact Lauren Jackson ( for further information on small groups or retreat.



Freshmen Small Group (Tuesdays @ 9pm, Wesley House)

Contact: Bryant Manning (

Freshmen Small Group is a place for first-year students to gather weekly in an intentional Christian environment. While exploring the faith and providing a respite during the difficult transition to college, an open space of vulnerability is created where true Christian community can grow. Join us!


Senior Small Group (Time and Place TBD)

Contact: Jenny Copeland (

Participants will be occupied less by the question of “What am I going to do?” and more by the claim of “Who am I going to be?”  Pursuit to this objective, we will critically examine the racial, sexual, economic, political, and religious intersections that comprise our lives.


Men’s Small Group (Time and Place TBD)

Contact: Ben DeMarco (, Collin Mueller (

Looking for a place to read together, pray together, and share life together? Come to Men’s Small Group!

We will read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic text Life Together and discuss its relationship to our experiences in community. Together, we will seek to understand the ways the individual relates to Christian communities as we explore how questions of faithfulness, friendship, and vocation play out in our own lives on campus. Co-led by Ben DeMarco and Collin Mueller: e-mail one of us if you’re interested!


Women’s Small Group (Time & Place TBD)

Contact: Tori Hastings (

A group for women, about women, and by women. Join us for a weekly  discussion of the ways of women in the Old Testament, in the New  Testament, in the history of the Church, and in today’s world. What do  the stories of these women tell us about God? What do our stories tell  us about God? What do they tell us about ourselves? Come be a part of a  community of women learning to learn, live, and laugh together.


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