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Friendship is good. Fellowship is better.

Through fellowship we build relationships that make us a stronger community. Of course, we do this in the normal friendship kind of ways. We eat together, tent together (that basketball phenomenon known only to Duke students), watch movies, play games. Whatever the activity, planned or spur of the moment, we create the kind of fun that will become your best memories of college.

Wesley has a team of undergraduates who work together to coordinate social events for Wesley and shape the community into a place of love and support for those both familiar and unfamiliar.  In addition to social gatherings, the fellowship team organizes the weekly home-cooked dinner before Sunday-evening Wesley Worship.  Between organizing Wesley dinners and coordinating weekly lunch lotto, these folks can do with your food points and Marketplace swipes what Jesus did with the loaves and fishes.  If you’d like to get involved, want to know more, or just want someone to talk to, please email Courtney Murray at


Upcoming Events

 Lunch Lotto: Lunch Lotto is a program designed to facilitate interactions within Wesley  through random pairings for a meal. The parings are sent out by email every Monday for the coming week. The idea is to connect with your partner and share a meal (doesn’t have to be lunch!) and learn about each other.  If you’d like to join this list, feel free to email Susanna Booth for more information!


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