A partial list of films and readings — suggestions for additions are welcome!


History of Soccer: The Beautiful Game (2001)

Online Readings

Alastair Reid in the New Yorker on the 1966 World Cup

Nick Hornby in the New Yorker on the 2002 World Cup

Warren St. John’s New York Times Article on the Fugees in Atlanta

Achille Mbembe on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa


Bill Murray, The World’s Game: A History of Soccer (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1996).

James Walvin, The Only Game: Football in Our Times (New York: Longman Press, 2002).

Edouardo Galeano, Soccer in Sun and Shadow (New York: Verso Press, 2003).

Jere Longman, Girls of Summer: The U.S. Soccer Team and How It Changed the World (New York: Harper, 2001).

John Turnbull, Thom Satterlee and Alon Raab, eds., The Global Game: Writers on Soccer (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2008).

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  1.   Herberton 03 Jul 2012 at 9:54 pm 1

    Two recs:
    1) Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch” which I believe was also made into a movie;
    2) “Looking for Eric,” Ken Loach’s very good 2009 film about football and life in today’s world. It stars Eric Cantona, the great French and Manchester United striker.

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