Commercialization Without Advertising

One of the greatest things about soccer is that it gives its fans two 45 minutes of uninterrupted play. Any other sport that is of the magnitude in popularity, cultural significance, influence and success earns a vast amount of its revenue from the sale of prime time advertising slots. The American football Super Bowl is… Read More »

The 1954 World Cup in Soccer in Sun and Shadow

The 1954 World Cup between Germany and Hungary was historic for several reasons. It was Germany’s first (but certainly not its last) World Cup title and it was the first instance in postwar West Germany that Germans could feel proud of feeling proud of being German. As Eduardo Galeano mentions in his timeline-fashioned book, Soccer… Read More »

Carla Overbeck und Cindy Parlow

Im Februar sind Carla Overbeck und Cindy Parlow, die an dem USA Frauenfußballmanschaft waren, dem der Frauenfußballweltmeisterschaft in 1999 gewonnen haben, zu unserem Kurs gekommen. Es interessiert mich wie normal sie waren und wie leidenschaftlich sie waren über Fußball. Ihre Ereignisse waren ähnlich zum Buch In a League of Their Own, The Dick Kerr Ladies… Read More »

Bericht Über ein Buch

“Das Große Buch vom Frauen Fußball” von Christoph Bausenwein Das Buch Das Große Buch vom Frauen Fußball ist einen allgemeinen Überblick von Frauenfußball. Es handelt von die Geschichte des Frauenfußballs, bemerkenswerte Spieler und Trainer und Frauenfußball im Gesellschaft. Obwohl Das Große Buch vom Frauen Fußball hat Information über Spieler, Trainer und Ereignisse von verschiedene Länder, handelt sich… Read More »

Bubble Soccer

Our course has focused on developments in international soccer, and to complement our analysis of soccer politics, I thought it would fun to share an update about a recreational spin-off of the sport: bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is more or less what it sounds like. Participants play soccer while strapped into inflatable, plastic bubbles. The players… Read More »

Se muere Eduardo Galeano

El 13 de abril del 2015, falleció el autor uruguayo Eduardo Galeano. Galeano era reconocido mundialmente por sus opiniones políticas izquierdistas y por su periodismo. Escribió varios libros como Las venas abiertas de América Latina y Patas Arriba. Una de sus obras más famosas fue El futbol a sol y sombra que hablaba de la… Read More »

The Tragedy of Javier Hernandez

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is a Mexican soccer player currently on loan from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Over the past few years Chicharito has struggled to gain the attention of managers of the clubs that he’s played on. During his tenure at Real Madrid he has only had the chance to play 848 minutes and… Read More »

¿FIFA cambiará la ubicación del Mundial 2022 desde Qatar?

¿FIFA cambiará la ubicación del Mundial 2022 desde Qatar? por Andrew Bihl   Nota: Este ensayo fue escrito en 11/03/14. Debido a esto, cualquiera información más reciente no está incluido.  En 2010, FIFA eligió a Qatar para anfitrión de la Copa del Mundo de 2022. Chocó al mundo. Qatar, un país pequeño en el oeste de… Read More »

Soccer and Snapchat

This is a pretty cool article about Snapchat at the US vs. Mexico friendly this past weekend.  I personally forgot the friendly was even taking place—until I checked my Snapchat in the middle of the afternoon and found a “Live Story” of the game.  The Live Story allowed people attending the game to submit a Snapchat… Read More »