Barcelona, Real Madrid; The politics in the play

Every time these two soccer heavyweights square up we all love it. This rivalry has been home to the biggest names in soccer and produced some of the most memorable moments in the history of the beautiful game. However, watching the style of play for both teams closely, something stands out. Just to give you… Read More »

La pérdida de más patrocinadores de FIFA

Siguiendo doce meses de tumulto en relación con los escándalos de FIFA, tres más de los patrocinadores de FIFA han confirmado que van a juntarse con Sony y los Emirates en abandonar FIFA. Castrol, Continental y Johnson & Johnson terminaron su alianza con el organismo gobernante del fútbol después del fin de sus contratos al… Read More »

Pourqoui le Foot? Une expérience personelle

Quand j’étais petit, le football était le premier sport que j’ai commencé à jouer. Mon père ne m’a pas permis de jouer au football américain, donc le foot était le seul sport pour moi dans l’automne. Mon ami Grayson m’a convaincu de jouer au foot avec lui et nous nous sommes joints l’équipe les rats… Read More »

Hope Solo and False Analogies

There was a great deal of coverage of domestic violence and sports in 2014. American football held most of the spotlight, with the likes of Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer, Adrian Peterson and Ray McDonald earning suspensions. The public has begun to question the sport’s violent implications. While the discourse has focused on American football, one of… Read More »

La homofobia en el futbol mexicano

La homofobia en el futbol mexicano La FIFA investigo a la afición mexicana por conducta inapropiada en el mundial del 2014. FIFA lanzó la investigación después del partido de México contra Camerún después de quejas que venían de varios espectadores porque los hinchas mexicanos  gritaban la palabra puto cuando el portero de Camerún despejaba el… Read More »

Soccer and National Identity in Belgium

 (image courtesy of the BBC)   This past summer during the World Cup viewers learned a lot about the political troubles of Brazil and how the World Cup helped unite the nation to some extent during the games. A conflict we do not hear much about in America is that of Belgium: specifically the French and… Read More »

Is James Rodriguez Really Worth €81 Million?

James Rodriguez is a 23 year old Colombian soccer player, who was recently transferred to Real Madrid after playing for AS Monaco FC. James has been an excellent player for some time now, but gained significantly more fame recently after stellar performance playing for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup. That being said €81 million… Read More »

Referee Complaints: A Part of the Game, or Pulling the Game Apart?

Is complaining to referees in soccer truly a part of the game? Or is it simply pulling the game apart… While excited about this course, I have not grown up with much soccer background. I play lacrosse and also participated in football and basketball. The soccer culture is unfamiliar to me, and although I have… Read More »

Ballon D`Or, is it all about goals ?

As an avid soccer fan, one who yearns for the beautiful game to be played in a beautiful way, I have come to appreciate the role of the playmaker. In the words of Galeano, “Years have gone by and I’ve finally learned to accept myself for who I am: a beggar for good soccer. I… Read More »