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Champions League Semifinals- Team recaps and Journey

With the quarter-finals of the UEFA champions league play in the books, the tournament is now down to just four teams. The four remaining teams are reigning Italian league champions Juventus, German champions and perennial powerhouse Bayern Munich, Spanish giants F.C. Barcelona, and reigning European and FIFA club world cup champions Real Madrid. With the… Read More »


Throughout the history of soccer, flopping has been a significant problem that has pervaded the nature of the game. Also known as diving, this issue has reigned supreme especially in modern day soccer, as players will feign injuries in order to gain an advantage (often a free kick) for their respective teams. There are varying… Read More »

FA Cup Final 2015 Preview: Aston Villa vs. Arsenal

    Time: 12:30 PM EST Date: Saturday May 30th, 2015 Location: Wembley Stadium. London, England Television: FOX Last weekend, the stage was set for the 2015 FA Cup final. Arsenal defeated Reading 2-1, while Aston Villa defeated Liverpool 2-1, setting up an Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match-up for the 2015 FA Cup final. The FA… Read More »

Das Wunder von Bern

Der Film Das Wunder von Bern (2003) handelt vom Granatenschock. In den Film kommt ein Vater von dem Weltkrieg zurück. Er ist in Streit mit jede in seine Familie, seine Frau, Töchter und zwei Söhnen. Seinen am jüngsten Sohn hatte die meistens Probleme und dem am schlechtesten Verhältnis mit ihm. Der Film ist in das… Read More »

Soccer During the War-A Form of Propaganda

In 2014 I lived in Berlin for a couple of months and on a bright warm day I visited the Olympic Stadium. Architectural ingenuity and aesthetic splendor aside I couldn’t help but think about why the stadium was built.  It could have been because I was studying the WWII era of German history but I… Read More »

Commercialization Without Advertising

One of the greatest things about soccer is that it gives its fans two 45 minutes of uninterrupted play. Any other sport that is of the magnitude in popularity, cultural significance, influence and success earns a vast amount of its revenue from the sale of prime time advertising slots. The American football Super Bowl is… Read More »

The 1954 World Cup in Soccer in Sun and Shadow

The 1954 World Cup between Germany and Hungary was historic for several reasons. It was Germany’s first (but certainly not its last) World Cup title and it was the first instance in postwar West Germany that Germans could feel proud of feeling proud of being German. As Eduardo Galeano mentions in his timeline-fashioned book, Soccer… Read More »

Bubble Soccer

Our course has focused on developments in international soccer, and to complement our analysis of soccer politics, I thought it would fun to share an update about a recreational spin-off of the sport: bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is more or less what it sounds like. Participants play soccer while strapped into inflatable, plastic bubbles. The players… Read More »