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FIFA and the American Public

  Growing up in a soccer-crazed family, I was introduced to the game at an incredibly young and impressionable age. Born right-footed, my grandfather used to take me outside and force me to kick with my left for hours until my weakness became a strength. However, while I was practicing set pieces in my backyard,… Read More »

Referee Complaints: A Part of the Game, or Pulling the Game Apart?

Is complaining to referees in soccer truly a part of the game? Or is it simply pulling the game apart… While excited about this course, I have not grown up with much soccer background. I play lacrosse and also participated in football and basketball. The soccer culture is unfamiliar to me, and although I have… Read More »

Le Tirage au Sort de la Coupe du Monde

Hier, le 6 décembre 2013, le tirage au sort des groupes de Coupe du Monde de la FIFA, Brésil 2014™ a eu lieu. Le tirage au sort est un événement avec plusieurs centaines de millions de téléspectateurs à travers le monde. Ce moment est important pour tout ce qui s’est intéresse par le Coupe du… Read More »

Brazuca: Adidas 2014 World Cup Ball Promotional

  Want the “Brazuca” 2014 World Cup ball for free? Well just give birth to a baby tomorrow in Brazil and have a birth certificate handy. Adidas is doing a promotional where they will be giving away free 2014 match balls to all babies born in Brazil on Tuesday, December 3rd. The Brazuca, named after the… Read More »

The Danish Fairy Tale

A friend of mine is a fan of F.C. København, the most successful Danish league side of the last 10 years. København have won 7 of the last 10 Danish Superliga titles, but are more famous for being a Cinderella team that beat Manchester United and drew Barcelona and Manchester City in the Champions League.… Read More »

A tale of two refs

The art of refereeing is a thankless one. No one respects the ref. Players surround him (it’s always men in Men’s soccer) after a call they dont like. Managers abuse him. Fans curse him, burn him in effigy, and generally blame him.  Wages are low, benefits are few. And in the view of the majority, their… Read More »