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O Futebol Segundo Galeano

A leitura da semana Futebol ao Sol e Á Sombra do autor Uruguaio, Eduardo Galeano nos oferece um olhar fascinante sobre o mundo do futebol. Considerada uma das obras  mais importantes sobra a história do jogo, Galeano um jornalista escreve uma narrativa abrangente do jodo desde do começo até as recentes copas do mundo. Através… Read More »

“Der Ball ist rund, und Tore lauern ueberall…”

In den naechsten drei Wochen werden wir Eduardo Galeanos Buch “El futbol a sol y sombra” in der deutschen neuaufgelegten Fassung von 2014, “Der Ball ist rund, und Tore lauern ueberall” lesen.In kurzen Vignetten erzaehlt der Autor virtuos und bildreich die Geschichte des Fussballs: Charakterisierungen beruehmter Spieler, Spiele, Fouls und Tore, Anekdoten des europaeischen und suedamerikanischen… Read More »

USWNT Shows Their Support for Bruce Jenner

Anyone who follows sports, Diane Sawyer, or the Kardashians knows that this week, Bruce Jenner officially announced that he is a transgender woman. In a two hour-long interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner explained that this is an issue he’s been dealing with for all of his life (and that he would prefer to be called… Read More »

Headgear is Ok, but a Hijab Isn’t?

A while back we were asked to read a piece “The Hijab on the Pitch” by our very own Professor Dubois. This piece introduced me to some information and perceptions some people have on the hijab. Introduced with a fierce image of the Iranian Women’s national team, I was in awe when I read that… Read More »

Soccer Violence Escalates with Economic Woes

On Saturday in Belgrade, Serbia, fans of the soccer team Red Star were very angry about being penned in at the stadium before a match against rival Partizan. This caused many of the fans to begin ripping out the hard plastic seats and hurling them at the police. Partizan fans rained dozens of flares on… Read More »

2007 Women’s World Cup in China

Host: China (for the second time) Dates: September 10- September 30 Winner: Germany Golden Ball Winner: Marta (Brazil) Golden Shoe Winner: Marta (Brazil) with 7 goals The German team celebrating their World Cup victory (Dowling)   Precedents Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup only originated in 1991, the tournament was still evolving. As such, the… Read More »

Champions League Semifinals- Team recaps and Journey

With the quarter-finals of the UEFA champions league play in the books, the tournament is now down to just four teams. The four remaining teams are reigning Italian league champions Juventus, German champions and perennial powerhouse Bayern Munich, Spanish giants F.C. Barcelona, and reigning European and FIFA club world cup champions Real Madrid. With the… Read More »


Throughout the history of soccer, flopping has been a significant problem that has pervaded the nature of the game. Also known as diving, this issue has reigned supreme especially in modern day soccer, as players will feign injuries in order to gain an advantage (often a free kick) for their respective teams. There are varying… Read More »