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François Hollande, des impôts et leurs conséquences pour le foot français

Dans sa campagne pour le président, François Hollande a introduit un impôt qui taxe des millionnaires à un tarif de soixante-quinze pourcent. Cette loi controversée a encouragé beaucoup de français riches à déménager aux autres pays européens, comme l’acteur Gérard Depardieu. En ce qui concerne le football, ces impôts sont très importants. En avril 2013,… Read More »

“We must not abandon our youth, and we’re not going to abandon them”

In the build up to the World Cup, Cesare Prandelli, head coach of the Italian National Team has raised concerns regarding the sales of key Italian players to foreign markets. “We must not abandon our youth, and we’re not going to abandon them. They are struggling and we need to work out why,” he said.… Read More »

What is Soccer’s Business?

The business of a soccer club is to produce a winning team. At the end of the day sports are a form of entertainment. Too often, though, actions taken place in the board room or at the negotiating table take away from the entertainment displayed on the field. At times, the aggressiveness and sometimes greediness… Read More »

Why English Football Will Adopt the NFL’s Rooney Rule

Early last month, senior executives from the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), the League Managers’ Association, the Football Association (FA), the Football League and the Premier League met with Cyrus Mehri, an American lawyer who, along with the late Johnnie Cochran and a labor economist, Janice Madden, drafted and successfully petitioned the National Football League (NFL)… Read More »