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Censorship in Sochi

We have been talking a lot in class about the questionable decisions for the World Cup to be in Brazil in 2014 and Qatar in 2022 based on current conditions, but today we found out that officials at the Sochi Olympics will not allow photos and documentation to be shown to the public via many… Read More »

To Russia and Qatar We Go…

Here are some thoughts about yesterday’s World Cup decision by Steffi Decker, a graduate of Duke and of our Fall 2008 “World Cup and World Politics Class”: To Russia and Qatar We Go… This week, the FIFA executive committee convened in the “House of Football” a secretive, lavish and generally ostentatious layer nestled in the… Read More »


Well, the votes are in, the decision is made, and all the blandishments of Clinton and Morgan Freeman have failed: we won’t be having a World Cup here any time soon. I’ll try and get over my initial disappointment: I’ve lately been having bucolic daydreams about a nice summer 2022 (yes, we actually do plan… Read More »