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Carla Overbeck und Cindy Parlow

Im Februar sind Carla Overbeck und Cindy Parlow, die an dem USA Frauenfußballmanschaft waren, dem der Frauenfußballweltmeisterschaft in 1999 gewonnen haben, zu unserem Kurs gekommen. Es interessiert mich wie normal sie waren und wie leidenschaftlich sie waren über Fußball. Ihre Ereignisse waren ähnlich zum Buch In a League of Their Own, The Dick Kerr Ladies… Read More »

What is going on in the soccer world right now…?

In the past three days, the soccer world has been flooded with terrifying stories of soccer-related bombings, Nazi chants, and even an attempted choking on an airplane. Although I haven’t been following the sport of soccer for very long, this burst of soccer-related violence and hate is both unexpected and depressing. But if anything, these recent events of violence… Read More »

He’s Back!

One of the greatest players the world has ever seen, Ronaldo Fenômeno (the original Ronaldo), will be returning to the soccer field this year. Ronaldo had an incredibly victorious 18-year career. In Brazil’s National Team, he won the World Cup twice (1994 and 2002), along with reaching the Finals in 1998. In Europe, he once formed the… Read More »

On Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has had a rough start to 2015. His number of goals, assists, shots per game, and shot conversion rates are down significantly from the same place last season and his struggling form is apparent to the world. To Real Madrid fans this is especially apparent, and almost 70% of fans currently believe that… Read More »


At the beginning of this semester, I knew next to nothing about international soccer.  In fact, outside of my experience on a pee-wee soccer club, idolization of Mia Hamm as a kid, rooting for the USMNT during World Cup years, and time spent in Madrid, I knew very little about soccer at all.  One of… Read More »

¿Fue legal el gol más rápido de la historia?

Vuk Bakic, delantero serbio del GSP Polet, anotó este gol en el saque inicial del partido que su equipo ganó 4-1 en septiembre de 2012. Fue, casi literalmente, como si su equipo comenzara el partido con el marcador a favor. Ahora bien, el gol suscitó una gran polémica puesto que habría dos factores que no harían… Read More »

José Manuel Moreno: A Different Type of Player

I was reading through the book Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeno and one of the passages from a particular section stuck me. At the end of the section entitled Moreno Galeno writes: “In 1961 after retiring, he became coach of Medellín in Colombia. Medellín was losing a match against Boca Juniors from… Read More »

Media Making too Much Meal Out of a Match?

Here’s an interesting interview between John Motson and Brian Clough; the former, a news pundit, and the latter, one of the best managers in the history of English Football. The discussion revolves around the issue of over-emphasis of the media that overshadows the actual game. Pre-match and the post-match discussions and hypes are integral parts… Read More »