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El lado oscuro del fútbol

Silvio Berlusconi, Roman Abramovich, Rinat Akhemtov, Khaldoon Al Mubarak. ¿Qué es lo que todos tienen en común? Berlusconi es el dueño de AC Milan, Abramovich posee Chlesea FC, Akhemotv Shakhtar, Mubarak Manchester City. Todos estos dueños tienen fortunas que suman a mil millones de dolares, y con sus propias fortunas, están destruyendo el deporte. Piensa que esta… Read More »

How the Citizens Stole Lampard

Well, not exactly; more like “borrowing” an old but still functional squirt gun that your little brother picked up for free from a garage sale, and using that to annoy its previous owner in every way possible for an entire year. Here’s my quick pre-apology to all Manchester City fans, and to Frank Lampard for… Read More »