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Rendezvous with the makers of Pelada

Just yesterday we had an interesting rendezvous with the makers of Pelada. You can watch the film here. While watching the documentary itself was great, meeting Luke Boughen, Gwendolyn Oxenham and Ryan White, in person was even more exciting. Of course, we missed Rebekah Fergusson, the fourth member of the team. Indeed one cannot help admiring… Read More »


I just finished watching Pelada, the documentary that’s been mentioned in class a few times.  It involves a couple that travels around the world playing in pick-up soccer matches in order to immerse themselves in the many different cultures they encounter.  A few of my favorite segments involved a Bolivian prison as well as their… Read More »

This Time for South Africa

Marcus Gilroy-Ware, who I went to several games with in South Africa, has produced this interesting short video about South African perspectives on the recent World Cup, featuring Achille Mbembe and Sarah Nutall (Visiting Professors at Duke this coming fall) among others. I also published a set of final reflections on the World Cup, with… Read More »

Soccer Film Festival in the Triangle

The Independent and the Carolina Railhawks are partnering up for a great series of film screenings linked to the World Cup, thanks to the organizing of David Fellerath, among others.  You can get all the information here!

“Pelada” Reviewed at Sports Illustrated

Last fall we had a screening at Duke of the wonderful work-in-progress documentary Pelada. It will soon make its premier at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, and Sports Illustrated has just published this review of the documentary. We’ll hope to see the film return to Durham in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations… Read More »

Soccer Project Screening

We had the pleasure of hosting a screening of the work-in-progress Pelada (previously known to most of us as “The Soccer Project”) here at Duke on October 29th, and got the chance to talk to the filmmakers, three of whom are Duke alumni. As John Turnbull, editor of The Global Game and also a Duke… Read More »

Año maradoniano: On Emir Kusturica’s Maradona

That Kusturica’s documentary Maradona, chronicling perhaps world football’s biggest personality, begins with shots of the director playing his guitar at a concert, is telling. Introduced by his band as “the Maradona of the guitar,” it is clear, in retrospect, that what comes after is as much a defense of Kusturica as much as it is about the greatness of Maradona.