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Will FIFA Regret a Qatar World Cup?

Since FIFA has confirmed that the 2022 World Cup will be held in the winter with the final scheduled for December 18th, many questions have been raised about what will this mean for the soccer world. When Qatar initially launched the bid to host the 2022 World Cup in 2009, there were already a lot… Read More »


When video games such as Madden and NBA established themselves as clear popular favorites in the sales charts for the United States, the EA Sports Brand decided to take it out on the street. With the introduction of NFL and NBA Street, these games not only revolutionized the culture of the video game industry, but… Read More »

2022 World Cup Set For November and December

A FIFA task force has recommended that the 2022 World Cup be set for the winter months of November and December. The 2022 World Cup is to take place in Qatar, which is known to have extraordinarily hot summers. FIFA officials met in Doha to discuss a number of alternatives to hosting the World Cup… Read More »

¿Fue legal el gol más rápido de la historia?

Vuk Bakic, delantero serbio del GSP Polet, anotó este gol en el saque inicial del partido que su equipo ganó 4-1 en septiembre de 2012. Fue, casi literalmente, como si su equipo comenzara el partido con el marcador a favor. Ahora bien, el gol suscitó una gran polémica puesto que habría dos factores que no harían… Read More »

The Penalty Shootout: Flaws and Alternatives

Watching last weekend’s African Cup of Nations Final reminded fans everywhere of soccer’s elephant in the room, penalties. The penalty shootout is the one glaring error in a beautiful, near-perfect game. After 120 minutes of battling for each yard and each shot, the game is finally decided by a combination of luck and some level of… Read More »