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Soccer and National Identity in Belgium

 (image courtesy of the BBC)   This past summer during the World Cup viewers learned a lot about the political troubles of Brazil and how the World Cup helped unite the nation to some extent during the games. A conflict we do not hear much about in America is that of Belgium: specifically the French and… Read More »

How the Citizens Stole Lampard

Well, not exactly; more like “borrowing” an old but still functional squirt gun that your little brother picked up for free from a garage sale, and using that to annoy its previous owner in every way possible for an entire year. Here’s my quick pre-apology to all Manchester City fans, and to Frank Lampard for… Read More »

European Football vs. American Sports: Some Interesting Differences

Though the popularity of sports like baseball, basketball, and American football in the US mirrors that of soccer in European countries, some very stark differences have been recognized between the two sporting cultures that each region fosters. Below are a few observations surrounding these inequalities. 1. Promotion and Relegation Most European football leagues, most notably… Read More »

¿Como se fija la moda en el deporte?

Esta es la pregunta planteada por la autora Monica Parga en un articulo escrito para la sección de deportes de la publicación española “El País”. Ella utiliza la reciente decisión de exfutbolista Zinedine Zidane para convertirse en la imagen de Mango (una marca europea de ropa popular) con el fin de explorar la relación entre… Read More »

The Danish Fairy Tale

A friend of mine is a fan of F.C. København, the most successful Danish league side of the last 10 years. København have won 7 of the last 10 Danish Superliga titles, but are more famous for being a Cinderella team that beat Manchester United and drew Barcelona and Manchester City in the Champions League.… Read More »

Diving in Soccer

  This is one of many posters denouncing that terrible act that is too often encountered in football, diving. Here, Ashley Young, a player for Manchester United is shown in a parody of Bruce Willis’s Die Hard in Dive Hard 2. Iain Mcintosh of ESPN Soccernet addressed the prevalence of diving in soccer today with… Read More »

The Racialisation of Football in Italy

The conversation in today’s class has spurned me to look into the racialization and politization of football in Italy. Both Italy and France share many similarities in that, football creates a huge platform for media attention. Football players in European countries often receive more media attention than politicians and for that reason they are often… Read More »