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Soccer’s Lost Boys – The Shadow Beneath the Football Stardom

I have been fortunate enough to realize in a younger stage that fields of immense stardom also bear huge shadows beneath them. Here’s yet another evidence of that notion; Soccer’s Lost Boys is a documentary released prior to the 2010 World Cup that dishes out a sample of the dark situations that the prospective football players in Africa… Read More »

Deux Perceptions en concurrence de l’immigration en France

J’ai bien apprécié l’autobiographie de Lilian Thuram que les étudiants francophones ont lu la semaine dernière, et je veux ici élaborer sur mon commentaire du 7 novembre. L’autobiographie est un texte d’espoir, un texte qui démontre la possibilité illimitée qui existe en France. Sans doute, Thuram reconnaît qu’il existe certains problèmes et tensions qui tourmentent… Read More »

Bob Bradley

We spoke briefly about Bob Bradley today, and I wanted to share this clip of him being interviewed by John Oliver on The Daily Show over the summer.  It does a good job of illuminating both the themes we’ve discussed in class (soccer as a vehicle of political mobilization, the universality of the sport, etc)… Read More »