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Possible South African Grandmother Team Exhibition Match

A South African football team made up of 35 grandmothers may have the possibility of playing in a “curtain raiser” for the 2010 World Cup this summer. The team gets together twice a week to play in a local league made up of 8 teams. The grandmothers range in age from 40’s to 80’s and they credit their improved health to the football matches.

I think its great to read about the impact the sport can have outside of what we normally see on television. Too many times professional footballers take the spotlight away from what the sport can be.

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Murder Due to Eastern European Hooliganism

I came across a post about a Frenchman who suffered extreme injuries while traveling to Serbia to watch Toulouse take on Partizan Belgrade. Its from a blog that I check out daily called The blog brings up an interesting point that offenses like this cannot go unpunished, but its difficult to punish a club for what happened outside of its jurisdiction (a bar in this case). To resolve this dilemma the writer suggests that football as a whole needs to start being taken less seriously. This was an interesting opinion from a blog which does all it can to promote football from all across the world (visit it and you’ll see what I mean).