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I teach courses listed under Visual and Media Studies with Art, Art History & Visual Studies, and in Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS), an interdisciplinary Certificate program and research center. At the core of my teaching is engagement with digital media forms and their affordances, in theory and in practice, with special attention to spatial and database driven forms. As a literary Victorianist by training, I am also deeply interested in the genealogy of “new” media forms and their historical effects, and how those inheritances impact our current information and media landscape.

Most of my courses combine a critical/historical/theoretical component with hands-on digital project work. I also promote a “lab” model of digital media authorship, where individuals contribute to collaborative work as well as their own individual efforts. Sometimes those collaborations extend well beyond a single course or semester (see my Projects links for examples.)

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December 14th, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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