This category covers work that might be considered “service” though many of my projects bridge the gaps between teaching/research/service as they are collaborative, multimodal, inter-related, and highly interdisciplinary. For example, while I am a co-director of the FHI GreaterhThanGames Lab, I am also faculty affiliate with the Haiti Lab and the BorderWorks Lab, where I have helped with specific projects and workshops related to digital mapping and virtual worlds. I’ve also served on various committees around campus relating to digitally-inflected teaching and research.

Probably my biggest non-Duke involvement is with SIGGRAPH, the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. I have also been involved in the Triangle Collaborations: Humanities, Arts, and Technology (CHAT) Festival planning for 2010, and am leading the charge for the February 2012 event at Duke.


CHAT Festivals

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