Join us Monday at the Duke Chapel at 6pm

Feb 21 2013


Too many in our country have died because they don’t have healthcare

We must stand up against NC Senate Bill 4.  We must mourn the lives cut short because of poverty and uninsurance.  We must dedicate ourselves to a state where everyone gets the healthcare they need.


Reverend William Barber, II President of the NAACP

Rhonda Robinson, Patient Advocate

Charles van Der Horst, M.D. Duke class of ’74, Associate Chief at the Division of Infectious Diseases, UNC-CH

Laura Svetky, M.D. , Vice Chair Duke Department of Medicine

In front of Duke Chapel

Monday Feb. 25 @ 6pm

For more information contact Elena Botella at 704-301-4137, edb10[at]duke[dot]edu

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“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sponsoring organizations of the event: Duke NAACP, NC NAACP, Duke Democrats, Duke SDS, Blue Devils United

Post-Event Media

Thank you to everyone who joined us to mourn the lives cut short due to poverty and lack of healthcare, and to dedicate ourselves to working towards a state where everyone gets the healthcare they need.

On February 27th at around 2 p.m. the House and Senate voted yes on SB4.  Please call the Governor and urge a veto!

Duke vigil calls for Medicaid expansion via the Duke Chronicle

“Speakers gave personal accounts of the effects of the current insurance and Medicaid system, rallying the crowd to contact the governor and aid local organizations. The evening culminated in the lighting of candles for those who died and those who cannot afford medical care.

The bill in question was drafted in response to the Affordable Care Act, which offers to subsidize the full cost and, later, 90 percent of additional costs that states take on to insure those with incomes at or below 133 percent of the poverty line. Currently, Medicaid in North Carolina is available to adults with dependents who make less than 49 percent of the poverty line. The bill—which would prevent the expansion of Medicaid eligibility required for the federal funds—has already passed in the Senate and the House and is awaiting approval by Gov. Pat McCrory, who has expressed support for the bill.”

Protestors rally against healthcare bill via Durham Herald Sun

“Leslie Boyd clutched to her chest a silver-framed photograph of her son, dead now almost five years.

Mike Danforth was 33. He died of colon cancer.

But really, said his mother, he died of neglect.

“He died because he couldn’t get a colonoscopy,” she said. “He died because he didn’t have insurance.”

Anyone, Boyd said, “could die like my son died — and will” if a bill in the state legislature becomes law.”

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