Welcome to Duke “One-to-One,” a website presented by the administration of Duke University as a repository for timely, factual information regarding the effort by the Service Employees International Union (“Service Employees union” or “SEIU”) to organize/unionize “non-tenure track faculty.”

Being represented by a union carries some significant implications that you should know before you sign anything.


InĀ an election, the outcome is based simply upon a majority of those who vote, not the majority of the overall group. So, a smaller group of individuals could affect the outcome for the overall group. While Duke will obviously respect the will of the majority, we believe it is important for each and every member included in the voting unit to cast a vote in the election to ensure their voice is represented in this process.


Duke respects the rights of our faculty members to decide whether to seek union representation or not and is committed to answering questions and providing additional information about the unionization process and the implications of collective bargaining.