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Ubuntu is a selective living group at Duke whose members are dedicated to civic engagement and social change. Our mission is to cultivate a sustained passion and interest in addressing the world’s most pressing issues, and to ingrain these characteristics in the consciousness of the typical Duke student.

Ubuntu was created in 2008 by a group of Duke students who envisioned a multi-dimensional residential experience. Ubuntu was meant to redefine the campus’s social culture, providing students with an alternative to the dominant living groups. It was more than a purely social organization however, and with its theme, took on the purpose of connecting students who share an interest in actively addressing global issues through civic engagement. Through a variety of avenues, from student discussions to faculty interactions, campus-wide events to group social programming, local community service to projects abroad, Ubuntu engages its members in a living experience that is, socially and intellectually, like no other.

We are civic-minded individuals interested in causes as diverse as education reform, food sustainability, environmental conservation, refugee ethics, health rights and so much more. We have members from diverse academic passions like engineering, public policy, pre-med, earth and ocean science, and program II. But what unites us is a passion to make a difference and a yearning to support each other through out.

President Clinton discusses “Ubuntu”

President Obama’s Tribute to Nelson Mandala and the ideology of Ubuntu:

http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-nelson-mandela-memorial-service-speech-full-text-2013-12#ixzz2n4ztSxzx      (Click me, I’m awesome!!!)

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Henry Camp


Hey y’all, my name’s Henry Camp, but most people just call me Henry. I was born n raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and I’m studying mechanical engineering with a potential minor (or double major????) in earth and ocean sciences. I get really excited about my dog, Chewie, and going/talking about/watching videos of climbing and surfing, and most kinds of outdoor activities in general tend to get me jazzed. I’m also really into learning about people, making new friends, loving my friends, and feeling loved. If you were hoping that I had more passions, you’re in luck! I dig ice cream (teehee get it? like dig with a spoon!), beautiful weather, listening to music, playing music (typically on the guitar though I can be minorly flexible as long as your expectations are low), and discussion with the philosophical Jeremy Fox about how philosophy is bunk. I love Ubuntu because of hyperlinked GIF’s and getting to live in apartments. But not because of the people. Deeeeeeeeeefinitely not the people. Srsly they’re lyk da wurst ppl evr.

Reach out to me! Or else………………………………………………….I’ll reach out to you!