Welcome to the website for the Duke University Trillium Fellows Project. Duke’s Trillium Project is a faculty learning community dedicated to increasing the prevalence and quality of concepts of sustainability in academic courses at Duke. Each May we hold a campus workshop where “graduates’ of prior Trillium Project workshops mentor other faculty in how to incorporate these concepts into their new or revised syllabi across all disciplines and departments.

Above you will find links to more information about the history of the project, a list of the Trillium Fellows, information and schedules from each year’s workshops, syllabi/content ideas for integrating sustainability into university courses, a page of recipes of sustainable that’s been served at some of the workshops, information on the 2011 research project and blogs from some of the Trillium Fellows.

Our name comes from the Trillium plant, native to North Carolina and pictured above, which has three lobes in the leaf and the flower, representing the three components typically comprising sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.