National Geographic Multimedia

by Adrivit Mukherjee

Since 1888, the National Geographic Magazine has been at the forefront of making information about nature, the earth and our interdependent relationship with it to millions of people across the globe. Just as it’s motto says, it has inspired “people to care more about the planet.” Now with the ever expanding tides of technology, the National Geographic Magazine has tied up with Google Earth to give us definitive layers modeled by both groups of information providers. One of these layers is called Multimedia layer, which can be accessed by going to the Gallery section of layers and searching under the National Geographic Magazine tab. Below is an example of how the layers provides information on the virtual globe. The clapperboard icons can be clicked on for more information.
Capture from Google Earth showing Layer Icon
Once the clapperboard icons are clicked, a box pops up, which contains links to multimedia features surrounding the interest spot, like pictures, articles and even video footage. Such simplicity and effectiveness at the same time in providing useful information to the user in an entertaining manner clearly wouldn’t be possible without the platform that is Google Earth and it is truly justified when one says that this merger of work between the National Geographic Magazine to help people form an opinion and care about the planet through the ever-accessible medium of Google Earth is quite a feat. Below is a picture that shows what happens when one of the clapperboard icons are clicked.

Capture from Google Earth showing extended content

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