The Elders: Every Human Has Rights

by:  John J. Warnell

Every Human Has Rights
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The Elders: Every Human has Rights is a layer within Google Earth that can be found under the Global Awareness subsection in the layers menu.  “Every Human Has Rights,”  the campaign to reintroduce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to millions of people around the world and united them in upholding the values that bind our human family  inspired by The Elders, is now under the leadership of CIVICUS, “an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world.”  This campaign aims to use technology to its advantage as it spreads the word on the many different campaign themes including “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” and “The Right to Health” (Every Human has Rights).

Once you have activated the layer it can be a little deceiving since nothing initially pops up, you must zoom in farther on the map in order to get icons that you can click on (as you can see in the image below)

Examples of icons

Examples of the icons seen in Google Earth (click to enlarge)

Once you click on one of the icons you get a box that displays the name and picture of a person, the rights that they have fought for, and a short story describing how they have benefited human rights in the immediate area.  Below is an example of one of these boxes.

Example of an Infomation Box

Information box (click to enlarge)

Also included are links to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and biographical information on the person and at the bottom of the box a link to Realizing Rights, the Ethical Globalization Initiative whose mission is “to put human rights standards at the hear of global governance and policy-making and to ensure that the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable are addressed on the global scale” (Realizing Rights). 

Overall this layer is an effective means that helps Google Earth users see where Human Rights campaigns are taking place and how individuals can make a difference in this area.


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