Medicaid Expansion and Health Insurance Uptake, In Two Maps

The New York Times just published an article detailing changes in newly-insured people through the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. 

Since passage of the ACA, people have become insured for a variety of reasons. Some gained insurance through expanded Medicaid coverage. The below map is from The Advisory Board Company and shows states that accepted and denied the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

The two maps do not coincide perfectly, but there are some correlations. Check out Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia in relation to their non-Medicaid-expanded neighbors. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Maine look similar on the first map for apparently different reasons.

What patterns do you see?

Ayotzinapa: 30 days and counting…

“September 26, 2014 massacre in Iguala, Guerrero, six people dead, 19 wounded, and 43 disappeared students from the Rural Normal School Ayotzinapa”

I have been trying to write this article for more than two weeks, trying to figure out how to feel and what to think, how people in Mexico feel. As I read local newspapers I notice everyone back home is shocked and indignant about the recent events in the state of Guerrero (a level of indignation that has not been seen since the massacre of students back in 1968). In a country where forced disappearances have unfortunately become a regular part of daily news, the case of Ayotzinapa stands out as particularly outrageous.

Without a doubt, one of the hardest things about being a foreign student is not being able to express support and to join closely in demanding that the authorities resolve the case. For sure, there is a certain feeling of guilt. Particularly, fellow students of Mexico at Sanford and I wished we were in Mexico on October 8th for the massive walk in solidarity to the #Ayotzinapa case.


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NC Legislators Hold Q&A with Sanford Students

Here at Duke, North Carolina House Representatives Rick Glazier (D–Cumberland), Grier Martin (D–Wake), and Chuck McGrady (R–Henderson) recently joined students to discuss policy in practice. They spoke candidly of their experiences in the NC political system, the challenges they face in office, and fielded questions from an audience of professors and students.

(L-R) NC Representatives Grier Martin, Rick Glazier, and Chuck McGrady address an audience of Sanford students and professors.(L-R) NC Representatives Grier Martin, Rick Glazier, and Chuck McGrady address policy in practice at Sanford.

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Duke Kunshan University–A Bold Innovation

When Duke students attended their first classes on Monday, August 25, in Durham, another set of Duke students were doing the same thing more than 7,000 miles away. Nearly five years after it was first introduced to faculty, Duke Kunshan University (DKU) held its first classes this fall in Kunshan, China.

IMG_20141001_124146 (1)

“Duke Kunshan University is a bold project to drive innovation in Chinese international education,” said Liu Jingnan, DKU’s designated chancellor, at the opening ceremony, according to a press release. “It represents a real chance to explore new models of higher education in China and sets an example for other Sino-international cooperative schools.”

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Prostitution: Conscious Choice or Wage Slavery?

The issue of human trafficking is one that has garnered increased attention recently in national headlines and human rights discussions. With the U.N. approximating more than 2.5 million victims worldwide, and leaders like President Obama bringing trafficking issues to the forefront of domestic and international policy, little debate has arisen to dispute the consensus that global action be taken to correct this great injustice.

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Beware the “Alternative System” for Public Education

Charter schools are not the enemy, but neither are traditional public schools–despite what you may have heard from Christopher Nelson last night. Mr. Nelson, who is the Managing Director of the Doris and Donald Fisher Fund, presented at Sanford with Tammi Sutton, founder and Executive Director of KIPP: Eastern North Carolina. The event, titled “Creating Change Through Charter Schools,” touched on a number of issues, from how KIPP was started to its unique theory of change. Continue reading