April 5-15, 2012

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Wrapping It All...

Wrapping It All Up

It didn’t quite hit me that it was all over until I was watching the set being taken down after the final performance. Years of planning, researching, and designing, and months of practice and publicity went into this production yet it was over in two weekends—two highly successful weekends, might I add. In the midst […]

The Final Stre...

The Final Stretch

Crunch time. With opening night less than a week away I can feel the pressure to make sure the show runs smoothly. Being behind the scenes gives me a pressure that is different from the pressures the cast must feel. I don’t have to worry about memorizing lines or learning songs and dances. The pressure […]

Looking beyond the mu...

Looking beyond the music

Sell the show. Make people want to go. As one of the PR/Marketing directors that’s my job in a nutshell. Initially I thought, “Well, how hard can that be?” Turns out, it’s much harder than you think—especially when much of your target audience is a campus full of busy Duke students. Realizing the difficulties in […]

A Whole New Wo...

A Whole New World

The world of marketing/PR is completely new to me. And even though I’ve always enjoyed watching musicals, movies, and other theatrical productions, I had little experience with what kind of work goes into producing these shows–until now. Stepping into class the first two days pushed me into a loud classroom full of fellow Duke students […]