Mission of ESG:

The mission of Engineering Student Government (ESG) is to represent the engineering student body in all matters related to the Pratt School of Engineering. We act as a conduit between the administration and students, provide support to engineering clubs and societies, and work to create a social outlet for engineers throughout the academic year.

Our big events

  • E-Kickball
  • E-Ball
  • Themed E-Socials
  • Freshmen Ice-cream Socials
  • E-Picnics
  • Town Hall Meetings

What has ESG done for you lately?

  • eBall, a formal for engineers.
  • Organized Sports games like eKickball
  • eOctoberfest with free beer
  • Backend communication with Deans to improve academic experience
  • ePicnic, a picnic for engineers
  • Funding for organization in Pratt
  • Transparent course evaluations
  • Eprint in the clusters
  • Fully loaded Linux workstations with applications relevant to you
  • Half credit skills course
  • E-Socials every week at Twinnies with free beer
  • A better ESG website
  • Events and themes that are geared towards freshmen
  • Pratt Town Hall Meetings
  • Staplers and hole punchers in key location
  • Whiteboards and markers in student study rooms

Do you have an idea? Let us know, and we will make it happen!