The Public Interest Law Foundation

Welcome to the Public Interest Law Foundation (“PILF”). PILF represents the cooperative efforts of students encouraging and enabling fellow students at the Duke University School of Law to pursue summer internships in public interest and public service. Together, we volunteer our time raising money so we can award grants to classmates who have also volunteered and have accepted eligible positions.

PILF offers three types of grants: summer fellowships, bar grants, and “thank you” grants. Visit the GRANTS page for more information about each grant.

The grants are funded through events like PILF’s annual Auction & Gala, Gear Sales, annual Trivia Night, Hire-a-PILFer program, and bake sales. To learn more about our events, visit the EVENTS page.  Additionally, PILF raises money through our PILF callback program, Pledge of Future Support, and private donations. Please see the FUNDRAISING page for more information about PILF’s fundraising programs.

Getting involved:

Information about grants, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities is available through PILF’s email list. To subscribe to the list and avoid missing out on these opportunities, click here.