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Illustrator vs. Photoshop: When to use which?

Although Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop may seem similar at first, both have very different specialities. Learn through this introductory video the basic differences between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Topics of discussion include vector and pixel based images.

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Tips for Sharing Designs

Disclaimer: for this tutorial, I have used the Duke University logo as an example. Please use this post as a tutorial for sharing designs and not for how to use the logo. For full details on how the Duke logo should be used, please refer to the Duke Style Guide. As a designer for the […]

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How to Create Custom Animated GIFs in Photoshop

GIFs these days are a popular way to repeatedly relive some of your favorite moments, so today, I’ll show you a simple way to create your own animated GIFs in Photoshop. There’s plenty of free online tools that’ll make these for you, but being able to do it yourself in Photoshop gives you a lot […]

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Creating a Mask in Premiere Pro: A Cool Visual Illusion

Have you ever wondered how people create clones of themselves in videos? How there is one image of a person and then another image of a person in a single shot? The trick behind this is actually pretty simple, and I’ll show you how to do this – namely, creating a “mask” – in Premiere […]

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Creating Cool Banners, Shields, and Shapes in Illustrator

  You’ve probably seen these fun, “retro” looking banners and shields on flyers and posters, but did you know there is an easy way to create them in Adobe Illustrator? You can also customize them in countless ways and add your own personal flourishes. It’s an easy way to give your documents some style without doing […]

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Moving to Pixelmator from Photoshop

Pixelmator is a powerful and inexpensive alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop.  Are you looking to make the transition from Photoshop to Pixelmator?  If so, here are some tips to get you started. Pixelmator looks and behaves a lot like Photoshop.  Designing in Pixelmator is based on layers (discrete pieces of the picture stacked on top of […]

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The Intersection of Social Media and Graphic Design

Social media has gradually made its way past the realm of personal relationships and into the professional world. It has become a powerful tool for busineses to reach new clients while continuing to build their network with existing clientele. It also gives marketers an open space to showcase new products, display special promotions, and create […]

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How to Properly Save and Transfer Projects in iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

There’s probably no worse feeling in the world than to work on a video project, or any project for that matter, for 4 hours and then in one technical glitch, lose all of your progress. Unfortunately, this has probably happened for many of you at least once. Luckily, if you take the right steps, you […]

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Flyer Templates for your next student organization event!

Have you ever come to the MPS lab, having been asked by your __(fill in student organization name)__ President to make a flyer, and have no idea where to start? Let me help you out! Whether you are using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixelmator, or any other design software, below are a few templates that […]

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Creating 3-D Text in Photoshop CS6 Extended

This is a tutorial that will get you started creating 3d text in Photoshop. You must have the extended version of the software, so make sure you have it before you get started. PS makes it super easy to create your own 3d text so don’t be daunted by the 3d perspective. It’s quick and […]

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  • What is the MPS?

    The Multimedia Project Studios are a series of high-end computer labs located at Duke University. We feature cutting edge equipment and industry standard software and are staffed by a corps of student Multimedia Consultants who are available to help you out with your project on a one-on-one basis, but are not able to do production work on your behalf.
    MPS Lab Locations & Hours
    MPS East
    115 Lilly Library
    The MPS in Lilly is open whenever the library is open. Check their site for hours, which can change during holidays and academic breaks.

    MPS West
    006 Bostock
    The MPS in Bostock is open whenever the library is open. Check their site for hours, which can change during holidays and academic breaks.

    Staffed Hours for Both Locations

    Winter, summer, and other break hours will vary, according to student consultant availability. To check consultants' availability, view our Live Schedule.

    Sunday - Thursday: noon to midnight
    Friday: noon to six
    Be sure to check our Live Schedule to see who will be on staff and our staff page to meet our talented consultants.