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Editing Footage Shot with a Green Screen in Adobe Premiere

This post will provide you with the basics for editing footage shot with a green screen in Adobe Premiere. What is a green screen? – A green-screen is a special effects technique used for layering two images or videos together. When shooting film or photos, the subject stands in front of a green screen. During […]

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Generating Fractals in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to generate fractal recursions within Adobe Photoshop through the use of Free Transform.  But first, what exactly is a fractal? According to the Mariam-Webster online dictionary a fractal is “any of various extremely irregular curves or shapes for which any suitably chosen part is similar in shape to […]

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Illustrator Texture Masks

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to make a simple concept art image in Adobe Illustrator. For this tutorial, I chose to do an image from Disney Pixar’s Up. – Conrad Haynes 1.) To start, we first need to download all the texture references that we will need for the scene. […]

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Using the Healing Tools in Photoshop CS6

Every photographer has a couple of photos that are almost perfect—all except for a few dust spots, or a smudge on the lens, or perhaps a single object that’s in the wrong place. In Photoshop, there are couple of ways to correct those errors. The easiest way is using the healing tools. These tools use […]

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Making Mobile Phone Shots More Professional Using Photoshop

KAtherine car

That Random Moment We’ve all had those random moments in life where we see a great moment at a party or walking down the street and we pull out our phone to a take a quick shot before the chance escapes us. We don’t have time to set up lighting, fix hair or position our […]

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Adjusting Video Motion in Premiere (Slow Motion, Motion Tracking)

In this tutorial, you will be covering some of the basic editing techniques to adjust video motion in Premiere. The interface and version covered in this tutorial is from Adobe Creative Suite 6. The techniques covered involve Slow Motion and Motion Tracking.

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How to Animate Text in After Effects

In this entry, I am going to explain how to animate text in After Effects. This can primarily be done one of three ways: using pre-made Animation Presets, focusing on the position control, or using a camera layer. I hope with this tutorial to give a brief explanation of all three and how they can […]

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How to Effectively Use Drop Shadows in Photoshop

So you’re making a flyer for an upcoming event held by your student organization. You know the basics of Photoshop, but you feel like the flyers you’re making don’t stand out enough amongst the hundreds of other flyers on any given bulletin board. To make matters even worse, this flyer needs to be ready in […]

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Time-Stretch with After Effects

Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere CS 6 both offer modern time remapping tools, but those of you still using Final Cut Pro 7 may find the included speed adjustment tool a bit lacking in quality. Users looking to slow down or speed up a clip in FCP7 will often change the speed of […]

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How-To: Illustrator Arrangement

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to arrange objects in Adobe Illustrator. I’ll cover aligning objects (to other objects, art boards, or selections), even distribution of objects, how to create and use guides and other adjustments. This tutorial was made with Adobe Illustrator CS6 in mind, available on all MPS computers.

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  • What is the MPS?

    The Multimedia Project Studios are a series of high-end computer labs located at Duke University. We feature cutting edge equipment and industry standard software and are staffed by a corps of student Multimedia Consultants who are available to help you out with your project on a one-on-one basis, but are not able to do production work on your behalf.
    MPS Lab Locations & Hours
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    The MPS in Lilly is open whenever the library is open. Check their site for hours, which can change during holidays and academic breaks.

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    Staffed Hours for Both Locations

    Winter, summer, and other break hours will vary, according to student consultant availability. To check consultants' availability, view our Live Schedule.

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