Michael W. Krzyzewski University Professor in Leadership
Secondary Appointment in Psychology and Neuroscience

Background and Contact Information

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Email: larrick@duke.edu
Office phone: (919) 660-4076
Cell phone: (919) 270-1373

Ph. D. and Post-Doctoral Students

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Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations (Daytime)
Leadership (Superterm)
Micro Organizational Behavior (Ph. D. Seminar)


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Research Interests

Individual, group, and organizational cognition, including:

  • Improving decisions:  Debiasing strategies, improving environmental decisions
  • Social decisions: Wisdom of crowds, advice taking,
  • Judgment: Learning from feedback, overconfidence
  • Motivation and Emotion: Goals, regret

Other Positions

Area Coordinator, Management and Organizations
Ph. D. Coordinator, Management and Organizations
Member, Institutional Review Board
Faculty Director, Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE)